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​​Heather Clark is a third generation Los Angeles native now living in London. She has her mother to thank for instilling in her a deep appreciation for beauty  and a vivacious nature. She had an artistic upbringing, with a front row seat to her mother's many passions from interior design to film to fashion. A Monday might have been perusing stone yards for slabs of marble, Thursday might have been helping her choose a gown for a film premiere, and weekends were often taking in the latest exhibitions at the Getty or LACMA.

However, it was a love of jewelry where Heather and her mother shared the deepest connection. Some of her earliest childhood memories are studying the jewels in the cases at Tiffany. Later, her mother would have to install an industrial level lock on her closet to keep Heather from  “borrowing” her treasures. 

It wasn’t until Heather’s mother passed away when she was 20, jewelry being all she had left of her in the physical world, that she began to seriously act on the jewelry designs that floated in her mind all her life. Although she would go to pursue a decade+ long career advising fashion and luxury brands in technology at Google, jewelry design was never far from her mind. A chance encounter in New York City would soon lead her to making the necessary connections to master craftsmen in the famed diamond district and Heather Clark Jewelry was officially born in 2018.

In her designs, she aims to capture the glamour of her hometown as an ode to her mother mixed with the more refined elegance in her current home of Europe, all distilled into super fine pieces meant for everyday. Inspiration is always layered, taking cues from Renaissance portraits and modern art movements.


Each piece, while very wearable, takes an artful approach : the curve of classic hoops represent infinity, baroque pearls and angular gold combine to express the dynamism inside us as women, diamonds explode into onyx in an abstract, cosmic scene. She continues to explore her passion, having earned her Accredited Jewelry Professional & Graduate Pearl diploma from the Gemology Institute of America and through education  at London’s Central Saint Martin.

 We are proud to donate a portion of our profits to the Global Fund for Women,

an organization that helps advocate for women’s rights around the world.

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