My mother always lived with her own special flair. She's still the  most confident person I have ever known with an arsenal of equally enviable qualities like an eye for beauty, passion in spades, a wicked sense of humor, and a laugh that could set a room on fire. One of her life’s greatest passions was jewelry. My earliest childhood memories are studying the jewels in the cases at Tiffany during her weekly ring cleaning appointments. In my teen years, she would need to professionally install an industrial lock on her closet to keep me from "borrowing" her treasures. Suffice it to say, I grew up understanding  that jewelry is something sacred and ideas for designs have been floating in my mind for as long as I can remember.

It wasn’t until after she died when I was 20 that I really started acting on my ideas after taking a single jewelry making class. Her jewelry that I inherited was all I had left of her in the physical world and looking back, pursuing jewelry design was my way of subconsciously keeping my connection with her alive. 

That summer, before leaving to study abroad in Barcelona, I would drop off my first semi-precious collection at a local boutique, and by the time I had returned home, the collection was all but sold out. In the absence of my mother as my main cheerleader, this confidence boost made me feel I was on the right track.


Jewelry was never far from my mind, but with no formal training, many of my ideas would lie dormant as I pursued a career in technology at Google in San Francisco. It wasn't until I transferred to New York City where a chance encounter on the street would facilitate the necessary connections in the famed  diamond district to achieve my ultimate dream of creating a fine jewelry line. It took me 7 years to build the right relationships and find the master crafstmen to bring you the beauty that I feel I was put on this earth to create. The world I bring you is the exact intersection between dream and reality. It's where my mother raised me to live and this is my ode to her.



 We are proud to donate a portion of our profits to the Global Fund for Women,

an organization that helps advocate for women’s rights around the world.